Tube Bandana

Tube Bandana

What, you may well ask, is a tube bandana? Also called a neck gaiter, it can be used as a face mask to cover the face, neck, and head from wind. It’s roomy enough to slip on your head. And you can stop there, allow the excess to flop over the side, like a Cat in the Hat chapeau. Or let it hang down the back, to protect your neck from the sun or roll it up for a sweat band instead.

The seamless tube is knit from soft and stretchy polyester microfiber that warms, cools, wicks away sweat and rain. Machine wash, air dry, and keep several bandanas on hand as a face mask, or gifts for friends. There are many, many fancy folds, twists, and ties that turn your tube bandana into the Bandito, the Sahariane, the Legionnaire, or the Balaclava, and even a piratical Jack Sparrow. 

Athletic Neck Gaiter Tube Bandana

Are You a Road Warrior?

Cyclists and bikers also need something between the liner and the skull, and a soft ‘n’ stretchy bandana lets you ride in both style and comfort. A tube bandana is a practical head warmer, neck cooler, and emergency Covid mask, as well. Don’t let the sun, wind, and dust hamper your road trip. When filling your cart with our products you can rest assured that we have them in stock and ship fast.

A Bandana for Every Occasion

  • A USA flag tube bandana is the product to cover your face and neck when you want to show your love of country A tube bandana is the perfect product when you need to please someone who doesn’t like to cover their face with a mask. You can add extra protection to a mask with a gaiter covering both the face and the neck.
  • You will get great reviews when you give gaiter products as gifts. Search for polyester content of gaiters in stock when putting the products in your cart. The checkout menu will review the options on sale as you search for products to cover your gift needs.
Red Tube Bandana Black Tube Bandana Grey Tube Bandana Royal Blue Tube Bandana Orange Tube Bandana Neon Yellow Tube Bandana Neon Green Tube Bandana Camo Tube Bandana USA Tube Bandana
Red Tube Bandana Black Tube Bandana Grey Tube Bandana
Royal Blue Tube Bandana Orange Tube Bandana Neon Yellow Tube Bandana
Neon Green Tube Bandana Camo Tube Bandana USA Tube Bandana

How to Wear a Tube Bandana?

It’s time for Youtube to come to the rescue, as words alone cannot do justice to the many ways to wear a neck gaiter to cover your face and neck with its soft polyester material. While practicing the folds in front of the mirror, take a quick peek at our wide menu selection of colors for inspiration.

  • Neon bandanas protect you when jogging close to traffic. Add a Neon yellow neck gaiter as a headband when you are looking for workout options. The polyester content of your gaiter makes the material ideal for wicking away moisture from your face.
  • The camo neck gaiter worn as a face mask lets your imagination run free, as you battle Somali pirates on the high seas, or shoot it out with drug cartels in the darkest jungle. In safer settings you can use one as a rag to wipe your face and neck. You can’t go wrong wearing camo tube bandana while cheering the troops during the Veteran’s Day parade. 
  • Add a neon headband to your kids as a way to search for them in a crowd. They love how their friends admire their bandanas, and the reviews are sure to make their parents order one or more gaiter products to use as a face mask or bandana for their children.

Winter Sports Face Mask

  • A tube bandana can be used as a face mask to cut the wind on the ski slopes. The polyester content of the mask insulates the face and neck from the cold wind.
  • Skiers, snowboarders, and members of the ski patrol know you need to wear a helmet. And what better way to keep the ears warm than a tube bandana? Use it as a rag to clean your goggles.
  • When the weather turns cool, add a gaiter to your wardrobe. Worn like a bandana around your neck, a gaiter may keep you warm while you search for a face cover. When a turtle neck sweater isn’t enough, add a gaiter as a bandana every time the winter winds blow.
Tube Bandana - Winter Sports Face Mask